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Pamark AB

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Services offered!

Pamark AB has extensive experience in sales, branding, leadership and process management.

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Interim solutions

Sometimes unforeseen events occur within an organization that require a temporary reinforcement. For example, it could be a need during a recruitment process until the right candidate appears or a temporary reinforcement of a function.

We offer interim services in several leading positions.

Business coach

Looking long-term in business relationships and choosing the right path in the short and long term can be a challenge for everyone.

We help you develop and implement the right measures to maximize profitable growth while building a strong brand together.

Process transparency

A review of your administrative processes will increase both efficiency and data security.

By ensuring that the right information is available at the right time, both the administrative work and the follow-up become more efficient for all parties.

We help you find your way in a new marketplace

Do you have a brand or a product but lack the local knowledge and skills to succeed in the Nordics, we will help you!

We have many years of experience and expertise in the Nordic marketplace, together we create the right conditions for profitable growth. 

Are you thinking about selling your business?

We have the experience and know-how to help you find the right new owner for your company.

Through knowledge and a broad network in acquisitions and finance, we can guide you to the correct conditions for your particular business.

Let us help you create the business oppertunity of a lifetime.

Pamark AB